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On: Inside the Fibre works with Paper by Seven Contemporary Artists
Start Date: 06-12-2019
End Date: 06-01-2020
Timings: 11 AMto6 PM
Fee: Rs.NA/- NA
Venue: ArtsAcre Foundation,Action Area III, F30 New Town,Kolkata,West Bengal

Inside the Fibre works with Paper by Seven Contemporary Artists.

Paper is an ancient medium for visual art. From Jain manuscript to till now many traditions/artists negotiated paper as a support or surface to produce an incredible range of art works. In the past most of the creative outputs took the form and format of painting but in the recent times artists have reinvented the material itself to create a different range of expressions and languages. Not only in the two dimensional form anymore but paper on contemporary art is taking the shape of three dimensional sculptures as well! More often than not the material itself becomes the potential content.

This present show ‘Inside the Fibre’ mainly highlighted those artists whose works are mainly based on paper in different form utilizing it's different possibilities. For example, weaving with paper, needling in paper, creating different forms with the different fibres and even with the processing of paper mache executing three dimensional forms.

Artists such as Arpita Akhanda, Ghanashyam Latua, Kalpana Vishwas, Kaushik Halder, Mrinmoyee Deb, Promiti Hossain, Ruma Choudhury are showcasing there works which unfold and exploit the nascent stories hidden inside the fibres of papers. Experimental in nature and determined in their respective goals all the artists here also reflect their individual predilections and concerns in the most innovative ways.

For more details write to us at artsacrefoundation@yahoo.com

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‘Jukti Takko Gappo’ is a new series of ‘Talk Show’ organized by Digital Merchandisers where prominent personalities and achievers talk about their lives and share their views on myriad of topics. The inaugural program was held at ArtsAcre auditorium on 25th of May where eminent artist and writer Shuvaprasanna was the personality in focus. It was a unique kind of presentation where the artist talked and painted live on stage accompanied by music. Shuvaprasanna talked about his growing up years, his days as a struggling artist, about the recurring themes and process behind his art. He also shared stories of his travels abroad and interesting tidbits about his interactions with various well known personalities over the years. He was effusive in sharing his views and opinions on the various socio political topics and the state of contemporary art in today’s world.

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