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Born in the year 1947 Shuvaprasanna or Shuva or Shuvada as he is fondly called, studied art at the Indian College of Art in Calcutta. His checkered career spanning over four decades includes a varied range of work as a graphic artist, painter, educator, writer and art activist.

The urban milieu of Calcutta- its existential agony and survival instinct, its joys and people- the city to which he belongs, has figured prominently in much of his work that often comes in series ranging from cityscapes to clocks to crows and owls. Passion flowers with their discrete erotic undertones and divinities series of Durga, Krishna, Radha and other icons in vibrant hues with a textural use of gold and silver foil, reminiscent of Indian miniature paintings, pressed delicately onto the canvases, marked a creative breakthrough for the artist. Keen on experimentation he continues to explore new themes, forms and media and his work comes in as assortment of media- graphics, oil on canvas, drawings on paper, charcoal, and mixed media while he has also experimented with sculptural forms and installations.

Founder, College of Visual Arts and then Arts Acre, now refigured as Arts Acre Foundation- the International Centre for Creativity and Cultural vision; and member of CIRCA Geneva. Shuva has attended numerous workshops and artists residencies. He is recipient of several awards including the AIFACS, State LKA and Birla Academy Awards. Shuva has also written on matters of art and issues of social concern and his art has been exhibited in over 55 solo and group shows in various Indian cities and around the world including the Biennales at Bangladesh, Havana and Ankara and VII Triennale India. His work features in the collections of National Gallery of Modern Art, Lalit Kala Akademi and College of Art, New Delhi, Chandigarh Museum Punjab University, Birla Academy Calcutta; Times of India Group, WHO Geneva and Glenbarra Art Museum, Japan, amongst others. Shuva lives in Kolkata and works from his studio in the city.

Sushma K Bahl