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Michael Freudenberg, Eberhard Goschel, Max Uhlig and Sonia Zimmermann, artists from Dresden, travelled to India in 1992 as guests of the Goethe Institute and became acquainted with ArtsAcre in Kolkata. Subsequently, Shuvaprasanna visited Dresden after being invited by the Federal Republic of Germany. Out of these meetings the ‘Dresden-Kolkata-Kolkata –Dresden’ project was developed. Seven artists and poets from Kolkata as well as Dresden each contributed one of their creations to the project. The resulting exhibition travelled to several cities in Germany and India to finally find its home here at ArtsAcre Museum.

“We, at ArtsAcre always strive to remove hurdles of geographical distances through art. The Dresden-Kolkata project is a result of one such effort. We have tried to assemble a garland with elements from two countries which reflect the expressions of contemporary poets and artists from both countries. Hence in the joy of appreciation, we have subtly tugged at the strings at both ends to weave a bond of creative elements, the result of which is this portfolio.

There has been no effort to highlight similarities between poets and artists. We have juxtaposed individual forms of expression. The products are not confined to any particular title or theme, but are fruits of different tastes harvested in the same time.”